Surf is a life style....

I can't imagine my life without Surf, van, good wine and Love.

1992 San Martino di Castrozza
"B-Side F-Side Carving"

At those time we felt great freedom emotions, carvering in hempty and perfectly grommed trails.

1994 Snowboard Teacher Snow Surf Italian Federation (FISNE)

1992 Foce del Lamone

The film photo speaks by itself of those years atmosphere.
For us, adriatic sea surfers that place was the most beautiful in the world.
When we finish our rescue service, we used to run there with beers and the surf boards........
Oftenly we got drunk, 'couse there were no waves.

1991 Life Guard Extern Waters - Italian Swim Federation (FIN)

2000 Forte dei Marmi Landing Stage-Viareggio side

Stormy day with south west wind (Libeccio-local name).
Who is born on this sea will appreciate the waves of the whole world.
Gighi and Zed Cordoni's gang adopted me as a brother. Versilia became my second home and here I opened my first Surf and Skate School.

1998 Surf Instructor - Italian Surf Federation (FISURF)

1998 Passo Rolle "Back Side Bauer Carving"

Peter Bauer used to carve in his own way. Learn this marvellous style affascinated me.....In every downhill I did, I used to break gloves and pants.....My "Guro" didn't try it to not break anything.
He was 10 years older than me, but is not the age that limits learning , but what you are willing to sacrifice.

2000 Snowboard Teacher - Italian Winter Sports Federation

2000 Volkswagen Westfalia

Nomad life started through Versilia, Sardinia, France, Spain, Portugal and Alps.
Franco Battiato was singing " No Space No Time".
What a life!!

1999 San Martino di Castrozza "B-Side Air"

Air maneuvers seem to be the only purpose of life!

Air Methods is overshadowed by B-Side Air: apparently similar maneuver, but technically much more difficult.

Fashion begins to obscure Purity......

2001 Porto Ferro "Negative buoyancy"

For the first time in my life I get the feeling of free fall toward the deep blue.

I stop kicking and my body falls toward the center of the earth as if I were falling from the sky.
......more powerfull than any drug on the planet!

1994 Apnea Academy- First Level

2001 La Thuile "Wavy Vision"

The powdery snow enters into my brain....changes in me the mountain vision.

I start to climb with snowshoes.

I surf each crest like it were a wave.

The mountain from a simple ski resort becomes a universe to explore, vast as the sea.

Mien, a guy from Aosta, reveals to me the secrets of the valley but the grolla takes over!!

2003 Lillatro  "Rise of Mistral"

Surfers from Livorno did not love wake up at sunrise.

I used to sleep with my van at the spot; often i surfed alone.

The mistral wind ruined the waves before the first surfers arrival.

Surf was no made of maneuvers, but of special moments.

2004 Sestriere  "Encounters"

Life always gives us the opportunity to know people, who show us a path. Federico Acquarone did his best to stay close to me, teaching me the art of walking through mountains.

He envied me because my dog Ferro, walking not running away, his disappeared for days.

2005 Snowboard Coach - Italian Winter Sport Federation (FISI)

2005 Padang Padang Bali "Perfection"

Every time I went back to Bali asked me some questions. The warmth of the water, tropical temperature, perfect waves brought my thoughts to the desire to live permanently in a place like this!

Surf, eat,surf, sleep, fuck, surf, eat, fuck, sleep.

I can't well remember the order of the things, but like this!! The only flaw was that we could not live in the van, too hot! Every place has something wrong, if one seeks perfection will look for life.

2006 Sestriere "La Galassia" (Galaxy)

Every peak conquered opened my mind to new descents, all at the limit between fun and fear, between life and death. By now was no more a distinction between sea and mountains. I lived them in the same way, simply...doing surf!

From the top I had a very clear vision of my life and the meaning that many words represent such as: freedom, work, love, fear, happiness, soul, God. My style had evolved by a leap into the past ... reviving positive Stance, backward steps, very long boards (the Guns snow!), for fast lines in narrow channels.

2006/2007 Last years of snowboard.

Raccommended video: Marco Siffredi life ( not Rocco's brother, he practice other sport!! aaaaaaaaa)

2006 Sal Island - Cabo Verde

"One day we'll all have a meter of land" Guccini

Places of great contrasts of both colors and ethnic: on the one hand the rich and the other slaves. Europeans with the power of money can trample any right especially of the natives.... seemed to relive the history of colonization, rather than arrive with wooden ships, arrived by plane.

At school the teacher of letters always said that the story needed to not repeat the same mistakes.

2004/2006 Management Surf and Kite School Alpitour-Bravo Club

2007 Fuerteventura  Canary  Island

"Simply Instinct"

First winter far from snow. The Hierro Bay had become my home; I had not chosen consciously, I was simply always there

From that period I remember a time of great change when I learned that it becomes difficult to choose ....when you do not follow your instinct.

2010 Fuerteventura  "Mejillones"

That day the sea was big and the waves of Mejillones were huge, of a deep blue...perfect! After having surfed for several hours, exhausted, back on shore where a friend was waiting for me. After a very good lunch in the van on the seashore she asked me to bring her home.

Driving along the dusty path of la norte saw amazing waves swell, with shades from green to blue .... the Ilaria eyes sparkled at my side of the same colors of the sea.

I fell in love ... I no longer leave the island ... the sea has chosen the fate of my life.

2008 Surf Instructor - International Surf Association (ISA)

2011 Fuerteventura

"Back Side Slide-Hardcore"

With Teflon gloves i can carve as on the snow.... nostalgic moments.

2011 Fuerteventura "Pejerey"

My grandfather often took me by boat to fish in the valleys.

When we get in the boat he was carrying nets and shotgun.

Sometimes we return with eels and other with deer!

I never understood the difference between hunting and fishing.

Fishing underwater with the rifle I realized that they are the same thing.

Who kills to eat, loves.

2012 Fuerteventura

"The Wolf Man in purity"

Man can not escape death, but he creates life.

2012 Fuerteventura Secreto del Sur "Apo Macro"

Walking slowly, giving attention to the particular, each district can become a city.
This small island becomes immense when you try to discover its true essence.

2012 Surf Coaching Level 2 - International Surf Asociation (ISA)
- Surf Technical Sport Canarian Surf Federation (FCS)

2013  Fuerteventura "Mosquito Surf School"

At CaraGuapa played a Flamenco musician. Emi and me were sit on the stone beams that supported the roof of palm trees and that we were finishing to tie.

Accompanied by these hot melodies, my attention was struck by the reflection of the full moon that shone from above our beer mugs filled, as if to show us to toast for our dream.

The next day we inaugurated the Mosquito Surf School Fuerteventura.

2013 Fuerteventura "Surf Skate"

It was not yet exploded the boom of Surf Skate and we had already created an innovative method of teaching to speed up the learning of surfing at all levels.

Our school was born and it is differentiated from all the others for the professional use of the Surf Skate at all levels.

2013 Fuerteventura "Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014"

The sports technicians of the Italian National Team Snowboard Cross were looking for a program of development of new motor patterns for athletes who were preparing for the Olympics.

I had the honor of being able to train them in Fuerteventura using a 3-day Surf Skate Intensive training program adapted to their discipline.

This, I remember being one of the greatest satisfactions of my life.

The same technicians that 13 years ago they have formed me as a snowboard instructor, were thrilled face with this new training methodology created by me.

2014 Fuerteventura

"Acid Drops"

I always say to Marcolini don't take the first wave of the series because if you mess up you'll eat the others.

2014 Cesena Italy "Whitezu"

Casually I am invited to an evening in a warehouse in Cesena.

With amazement I discover that Matteo of Whitezu organized this evening to present his new project for surfers: a wave of resin to use with Surf Skate.

It felt like to be on the movie set of Lords of Dogtown. Resin vapors, halogen lights, drones, cameras.

The director said: "Now skate, let's see what happens" aaaaaaaaaaa ...... !!!!!!

Gaggio, a long time friend of mine, believed so much in this project that has mounted a resin wave of 16 meters in his bathing establishment, realizing so, the first Surf Skate Whitezu Spot sea, in Torre Pedrera-Rimini.

From that time I collaborate with the Whitezu for the developpment of new structures and didactic.

2013 Fuerteventura "Quiver"

Mercedes James Cook 1983, just mechanical, fully restored.

For wild camping out for an indefinite period.

Reccomended spots: La Derecha de Los Alemanes, Secreto del Sur and Mejillones.

 2014 Fuerteventura

"Werewolves Birthdays"

Sea, wine, women and friends always have the upper hand!!

2015 Fuerteventura "Quiver"

Mitsubishi L300 4x4 1983, just mechanical, prepared.

For rapid shifts on la norte and unattainable waves.

Recommended spots: all.

2015 Fuerteventura "La Oliva"

The Surf Skate Vision enters more and more into my brain.

I'm screwed, now I see the waves early for the road !!! aaaaaaa

2016 Torre Pedrera Italy "Firts Surf Skate Italian Camp"

Technic Camp, fiesta, sradinas bbq, white wine.

3 strays days of pure Surf Skate on the beach.

26-27-28 of March 2016: It ended the first ItalianSurf Skate Camp.

Thanks to Matte.

Thanks to Gaggio